Who is PRESTIGE ELITE Photography?

PRESTIGE ELITE Photography (PEP) is home based in Southwest Missouri. The history of PEP began in 2009 when founder photographer Jennifer Hurt started shooting sales videos of her the beautiful Arabian horses she had for sale. Soon her friends started hiring her services in marketing their Arabian horses and commissioned her services for photography of those horses as well. Because of the demand, Jennifer decided she needed to quit advertising her video & photo services under her farm name JRs Gentle Hills Farm as she didn't want to confuse potential buyers into thinking these were her horses.

Therefore, Jennifer developed PRESTIGE ELITE Photography and Marketing - because her opinion is that the Arabian horse is prestigious and elite from all all other breeds.

Wanting to expand her knowledge, Jennifer quickly started studying other great photographers who were being commissioned to capture the elegance and expressiveness of the Arabian Horse. She quickly was drawn to the works of April Visel who acknowledged her edge on capturing the expressiveness and elegance of the Arabian Horse was due to her career first as a wedding photographer. To gain this edge, Jennifer started studying wedding photography and discovered the books and seminars of Susan Stripling, New York's best wedding photographer.

Jennifer loved how Susan Stripling captures the elegance and emotion of her subjects by using lighting and an artistic eye. Susan produced the images that Jennifer was trying to produce with her subjects since she started.

Jennifer continues to study under the teachings of Susan Stripling.